Mrs. Graves' 6th Grade


It's much better to be sweet than sour!

Student Contract
Being part of a classroom community is both a privilege and responsibility. As a member of our classroom community, each student is expected to strive for the highest levels of excellence in behavior and citizenship. Good behavior and citizenship create a safe and comfortable classroom community where all students can learn and grow. 

Student behavior will be monitored daily using our Behavior Tracking Log.  Students will receive a verbal warning for any inappropriate behavior choices. After the verbal warning, students will be placed on the Behavior Tracking Log. At the end of each day, any student who has maintained appropriate behavior and not been placed on the Behavior Tracking Log will earn a raffle ticket. At the end of the month, three tickets will be drawn and awarded prizes. Prizes range from Homework Passes to getting to choose your seat, etc.

Consequences for being placed on the Behavior Tracking Log are as follows:
1)  First time on Behavior Tracking Log in one day = no raffle ticket for that day
2)    Second time in one day = B-Slip written for 10 minutes off recess/lunch play time
3)    Third time in one day = Note sent home to parents, loss of recess/lunch play time
4)    Fourth time in one day = Office referral

Classroom Rules and Behavior Goals will be discussed in the classroom and should also be discussed at home. The Rules and Goals are listed below:

Classroom Rules:
1) Follow Directions the First Time
2) Keep Hands, Feet, and Objects to Yourself
3) Raise Your Hand to Speak
4) Come to Class Prepared and Ready to Learn

Behavior Goals:
1) Be Responsible & Safe
2) Be Respectful
3) Be Considerate