Mrs. Graves' 6th Grade


Grades are earned, NOT given or received. Students earn grades based on effort and achievement. Grades for regular assignments, homework, projects, and tests/exams will be updated weekly (or more frequently) inside the Moodle grade book. Students and parents should log on to Moodle and check the Moodle grade book at least once a week.

LATE homework, assignments or projects will receive no more than HALF-CREDIT. Turning work in on time is an important life skill that requires discipline and planning.

Students who are absent are responsible for making up all class work and homework. For excused absences, students will have the amount of time absent to complete and turn in any missed work. Check the Moodle website to find out what homework was missed. Ask fellow classmates or your teacher to find out what in-class assignments need to be made up.

Effort Rubric
4 = I did what was asked and so much more! (Exceeds standards/Above grade level)
3 = I did what was asked of me. (Meets standards/At grade level)
2 = I did not do all I was asked to do. (Does not meet standards/Approaching grade level)
1 = I left things out and I am not finished. (Well below standards and grade level)

Achievement Rubric
4 = 93% and above
3 = 70% - 92%
2 = 60% - 69%
1 = 59% and below

How Can I Improve My Grade?
Before you ask, check this list:
1. Are you doing your homework and assignments on time?
2. Do you double-check your work for mistakes?
3. Do those assignments get turned in on time?
4. Do you ask appropriate questions in class?
5. Do you seek assistance when you don't understand a concept or assignment?
6. Do you study for tests/quizzes (more than one day in advance)?
7. Do you take notes on what you read and what we discuss in class?
8. Do you review those notes?
9. Is your binder organized so it's easy to find materials?
10. Are all of your notes and supplies organized so it's easy to find what you need?
11. Do you truly read the textbook?
12. Do you use a dictionary or thesaurus when you don't understand words?
13. Do you use your class time wisely? If you finish early, do you go back and review?
14. Do you practice answering questions on your own?
15. Do you take part in extra credit when it is available? Remember, extra credit is not offered on an individual basis!